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A poesia voltará aos jardins

No Verão a poesia voltará aos jardins. Enquanto a festa não começa eis a nova poesia, escrita e dita pelos africanos do sul do continente.


You see the African I am is not a Google definition,
But how do I wean my siblings off the nipples
On the internet and make them face books
And realise that they are more than just a Facebook profile?
That Africa is not straight caps, baggy jeans and cheap
Fifty cent rhymes, no! It’s the song of Bambatha,
And that beating beast beneath my breast
That bellowed ‘AMANDLA!’
While Desmond was shooting his mouth like a 2-2.
When dubul’ ibhunu was the right thing to say,
Apologies white folks for any ricochet."

African Thoughts - Philani Amadeus Nyoni

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