Logótipo Próximo Futuro

"The Unspoken", de Nandipha Mntambo

(Installation view)

Destaque para a mais recente exposição individual da artista Nandipha Mntambo, que no verão de 2011 participou no Programa PRÓXIMO FUTURO com a instalação "Casulo" nos Jardins da Gulbenkian.

The exhibition comprises sculptures and drawings made with cowhide and cow hair, and paintings in oil on canvas. Unlike the distinctive figurative forms that the artist has previously made familiar to us, the drawings and paintings are abstract and ambiguous. They could also be perceived as parts or fragments of bodies such as bums, elbows, bellybuttons or toes, or the ears, nose, mouth, anus and vagina through which we draw in and expel life forces.

Mntambo describes the impulse behind The Unspoken:

The work I am making gives form to the loud silences in our lives that seem to be hidden but are actually in plain sight, if we choose to see them - or the conversations that one only ever has with oneself, even though others are having similar conversations, also with themselves. In terms of forms, I think of folds, holes, bumps, crevices and spaces that are indeterminate in some respect. They engage our attention and draw us into a space, but an element always remains hidden from view, never fully revealing itself. In this way we are reminded of the sentences that are edited out of our exchanges even though others may well be aware of our unspoken thoughts and feelings.

Para saber tudo sobre a exposição, basta navegar até ao website da galeria Stevenson.