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World Poetry Movement

Publicado21 Set 2011

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37 directors of poetry organisations, created the

"world poetry movement" and published a manifesto

874 poetry readings in 540 cities of 107 countries

874 poetry readings in 540 cities of 107 countries will be held this 24th of September, convoked by the organizations 100,000 Poets for Change (http://www.bigbridge.org/100thousandpoetsforchange/) and World Poetry Movement -WPM- (http://www.wpm2011.org/), on a day marked by a spirit which desires that a new time will open for humankind. The World Poetry Movement (WPM) was founded in Medellín (Colombia) on July 9, 2011, and in less than two months in existence it has achieved the incorporation and participation of 105 international poetry festivals, 76 international poetry organizations, and 673 poets from 124 nations.


This is not just about assessing the great number of poetry readings, performances and poetry interventions, both urban and rural, that are being prepared throughout the world’s continents for this date, but, above all, about celebrating the deep symbolism embodied in this new world poetry action, where essential forces come together and which has an impact on the heart of the human history – a history that seems still to go against the grain of life itself.


In Africa, 55 poetry readings will be held in capitals and other cities in 18 countries. 100 poetry events will be held in 19 Asian countries. 210 poetry interventions are scheduled to take place in 38 European countries. Oceania will have just 12 poetry readings – in Australia and New Zealand. The American continent will hold the highest number of poetry readings on the 24th of September next, with 453 events confirmed in 27 countries. Many of these events will additionally host poetry workshops and concerts.

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