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A edição em África

Publicado3 Fev 2015

Etiquetas Literatura africana Editores

Quem publica a literatura africana? A Europa e os Estados Unidos ainda decidem que histórias se contam? Qual o estado da arte da edição, no continente? O site ThisisAfrica falou com sete editores que estão a mudar a paisagem: Hilda Twongyeirwe (Uganda), Moses Kilolo (Quénia),  Colleen Higgs (África do Sul), Muthoni Garland (Quénia), Richard Ali (Nigéria), Rachel Zadok (África do Sul) e Ivor Hartmann (Zimbabué).

There are many reasons to suggest that the state of fiction-publishing on the continent is beginning to change. There are now various options for a writer who wants their manuscript published on the African continent. Possibilities for fiction publishing on the continent have opened up beyond South Africa, to Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Uganda. In the second part of the Made in Africa series, I am talking to a few publishers and platforms that promote African publishing in the above countries.

As the first part of the series, these interviews are not entirely representative of the entire African publishing scene. There are publishers in other countries on the continent, and even in the countries where we are talking to some, there are more publishers we have not been able to talk to. The series thus offers only a peek into the scene to show indeed that African fiction publishing has a bright future. Some of the publishers I talk with concentrate on publishing women, some are run by writers themselves, some publish only a certain kind of fiction and others have found interesting ways to co-fund publishing with writers. Africa is indeed experimenting with fiction publishing in ways that the world may learn in future.

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