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Urbes Mutantes: Latin American Photography 1944–2013

Publicado19 Mai 2014

Fotografia de Paulo Gasparini

Paolo Gasparini, "Acá este cielo que vemos", São Paulo, Brasil, 1972

Abriu no passado dia 16 no International Center of Photography em Nova Iorque a exposição "Urbes Mutantes: Latin American Photography 1944–2013", que apresenta movimentos fotográficos em Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colômbia, Cuba, México, Perú e Venezuela.

Urbes Mutantes (Mutant Cities) takes the dynamic and occasionally chaotic Latin American city as its focus. Spanning seven decades, but focused particularly on works produced from the 1950s to the 1980s, the exhibition offers a revision of how the continent’s cities have been imagined. The exhibition draws primarily on street photography and depictions of public space during periods of political and social upheaval. It is organized into sections that explore the street as a platform for protest, the formation of urban identities, popular street culture, and the public face of poverty.

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