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Infecting the City

Publicado15 Mar 2013

Etiquetas áfrica do sul cidade do cabo Infecting the city

Termina amanhã na Cidade do Cabo, o festival Infecting The City. Este festival foi desenhado como proposta de intervenção de arte pública, diferentes manifestações de diferentes disciplinas e diferentes autores tpovoam a cidade sul africana desde 11 de Março.

"Why Infecting The City?

Our City, Country and Continent are confronting a myriad of issues that are both real and imag-ined. These range from access to employment, education, healthcare, housing, water, power and sanitation. The complexity of addressing these issues, is not only held however within the facts, or the practical, but also within perception.

Looking into the Continent from the outside or from within it, the mainstream messages that deἀne it rarely articulate the subtlety and nuance of its people or their existence. The clichés and commonly held notions of Africa and Africans as poor, corrupt and criminally inclined crowd out a more balanced view of the extraordinary diversity and creativity of everyday existence.

It is within this combination of reality and action that the Africa Centre has found its purpose of creating a platform for exploring contemporary Pan-African artistic and cultural practice as a catalyst for social change. Infecting The City, we believe is just such a catalyst as it allows us to express an alternative existence. It manifests what otherwise would be an imagined daily life where new ideas are out in the open freely accessible to anyone who is interested. Where beauty and wonderment are as common as the shop fronts we pass daily. Where South African’s and others living on this soil deἀne for themselves what is possible and what their reality looks like. A place where the extraordi-nary, ἀts neatly into our lives and where public space becomes a place that is genuinely for the public.

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