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regard benin biennial

Nov. 8th 2012 to January 13, 2013

Visit www.regardbenin.net  and www.facebook.com/RegardBeninBiennial for installation shots.

press images on drop box – link on request

The “Journal officiel de la Biennale Regard Benin” 114 p. available now.

All exhibitions and components of the Biennale Regard Benin are “international” and “special” in the true sense of the word. They encourage dialogues of local artists and researchers and those who come from far away and are open to the public free of charge. For updated opening hours please contact: [email protected]

Kulturforum Süd-Nord features the theme show Take, Take, Take and..? - artistsreflecting on the overexploitation of natural resources. Curated by Stephan Köhler with the committee of Art History Students of the university UAC Cotonou and the curatorial Advisors: Georges Adéagbo, Ines Johnson Spain, Yuki Asai (Japon) and Ricardo Sardenberg (Brazil) and Didier Houenoudè in nine locations:

Porto Novo: “Journal Officiel” The National Printshop of Benin

In the historical halls of the print shop, amidst old Heidelberger printing machines: Georges Adéagbo, José Bento, Daphne Bitchatch, Radovan Cerevka, Théodore Dakpogan, Cecilia Edefalk, Harun Farocki, Carlos Garaicoa, Isaac Julien, Clemencia Labin, Christiane Löhr, Tara Mahapatra, Christelle Yaovi and HFBK (Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg)  Project 4: Eylien König, Martina Mahlknecht, Doris M. Schmidt and Martin Prinoth.


About the Biennale Regard Benin:

The Biennale Regard Benin informally premiered in June 2010 on the 50th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Benin. The Biennial Regard Benin breaks with the conventions of curatorial branding by renouncing the vertical structure of inviting a general commissioner with a top-down curated exhibition. Purposely risking the label of dilettantism, the event will be unfolded by a local team of operators who will have occasional exchange with distant, yet close advisors. The noble sense of Levy Strauss’s term “bricolage” might be the most appropriate way to describe this new format. Based on the successful, innovative nature of this pilot event, participating members of a federation of a dozen independent art-spaces andtheir activities, founded the non-profit association Biennale Regard Benin in March 2011, which organizes this edition with a balanced network of partners. Therefore the name of this event remains unchanged Biennale Regard Benin, as decreed by the Minister of culture of Benin in May 2012.

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