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KYEYUNE's "The Kampala I Will Always Come Back To"

Ugandan artist George W. Kyeyune, 2011 (photo by Thomas Bjørnskau)

KYEYUNE's The Kampala I Will Always Come Back To: Sanitised Economic Injustices and the Risk of Propaganda

On 14 October 2011 George William Kyeyune mounted his ‘The Kampala I Will Always Come Back To’. The exhibition showcased the artist’s recent paintings representing the hard sociopolitical struggles that the man/woman on the streets of Kampala goes through.

In this article I show and argue that as representations of life in Kampala, Kyeyune's paintings are not portraits of individuals or groups. They are in the first place art. In the second, they are sanitised versions of reality intended to suit middle class and tourist aesthetic tastes. In the third place, they carry the risks of pandering to state propaganda.

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