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SPIELGART: abertas as candidaturas

Publicado2 Dez 2014

O SPIELART abriu candidaturas a projectos, ATÉ 15 DE FEVEREIRO. Em 2015 subordinado ao tema "Art in Resistance", o festival decorrerá entre 23 de Outubro e 7 de Novembro:

Starting in 2010, the years were surprisingly marked by protests of very different types all across the globe. One novel aspect was that the rebellions took place in countries where one had not previously expected it: In the Arabian realm, in supposedly stabile regions such as Europe and the U.S., also in „emerging“ countries such as Turkey and Brazil, and recently in Hong Kong. In recent years, the SPIELART Theater Festival Munich has repeatedly presented artists and artivists in its programs who participated in the protests or were inspired by them. During the 2015 festival, with ART IN RESISTANCE we want to integrate a level of reflection as well as a reevaluation.

Submissions from every art genre are welcome:
Submissions that aspire to have a direct influence on political and social realities with artistic means and/or that work through media campaigns.
Submissions that use the political potential of fiction and create symbolic realities.
Submissions that work with theater as a realm of possibility in order to design visions, which are independent of their viability or realizability.
Submissions that operate with the means of performance and theater to create political interventions in urban spaces.
Submissions that deal (in a participative manner) with forms of coexistence, whether they are in a local neighborhood, in Munich itself, or via live stream from somewhere else in the world.
Submissions that illuminate the genre of artivism in a documentary manner, or reflect the genre of artivism through the use of new technologies and media strategies

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SPIELART é um festival de artes que existe desde 1995, onde se pretende explorar e investigar novas tendências e movimentos no mundo e que, de dois em dois anos, leva até Munique produções, performances, conferências e instalações, muitas das quais em estreia mundial. Pertence a várias redes,  como o Theater Festivals in Transition (www.theatrefit.org), WHAT'S NEXT? (2007), CONNECTIONS (2009), e CONNECT CONNECT (2011).