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Seminar for English speakers "Heritage and Museums"


This new seminar is offered by the Ministry of Culture and Communication (General Secretariat, Legal and International Affairs Department) within the framework of its educational programs, implemented by the Maison des Cultures du Monde.

It will bring together in Paris and in another city/region of France some twenty experienced professionals from the museum and heritage sectors. The goal of this seminar is to familiarize them with the French context and to allow them to develop networks with professionals from the Near and Middle East, Asia and Australia. They can thus share their knowledge, practices and projects on questions of museology, museography and heritage (management of sites).

The seminar will be held in French with English translation.


Exclusively high-level, English-speaking professionals from the Near and Middle East, Asia and Australia in charge of: 

• The elaboration and steering of cultural policies (heritage and museums)

• Carrying out heritage and/or museum projects

• The management of establishments (museums, heritage sites, historical monuments, etc.)


This seminar will cover the following topics in the form of presentations, round tables, professional meetings and visits: 

• Policies regarding heritage and museums in France 

• Governance of a museum: What is a museum today? What functions should a museum develop?

• Management and enhancement of heritage sites

• Audience policies and interpretation: How to attract new audiences?

• Current trends in museography and the enhancement of heritage 

This program will include the participation of acknowledged leaders in the heritage and museum sectors: Ministry of Culture and Communications (and the linked public establishments), territorial authorities (Regions, urban areas), public (National government or territorial authorities) and private museums, historical monuments, registered heritage sites.

Conditions of participation

Costs that are covered The Ministry of Culture and Communication will cover the following: 

• Educational program costs • Living expenses (accommodations and per diem) • Travel within France for the needs of the program • Insurance NB: The international transportation ticket is not covered and must be paid for by the applicant, his establishment, the Embassy of France or another body.

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