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Portia Zvavahera na Stevenson

Publicado26 Jun 2014

Obra de Portia Zvahanera

Ndokumbirawo Ishe 2014 Oil-based printing ink and oil stick on paper 150 x 98cm ©Portia Zvavahera. Courtesy of Stevenson, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

A exposição "Wayfinding" de Portia Zvavahera abre no próximo dia 3 de Julho na Stevenson Gallery em Joanesburgo.

The artist draws upon her deeply held sense of spirituality and accompanying rituals of belief to embody the predominantly female figures within these works, relocating them from the realm of the personal to the transpersonal. Moving beyond literal autobiography and self-portraiture, the figures depicted become archetypal expressions of feminine experiences of faith, relationship and motherhood.

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