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POPCAP' 14 anuncia vencedores

Publicado29 Jul 2014

© Joana Choumali. Mrs. Djeneba, Abidjan, 2013 ~ 2014.

Foram anunciados os 5 vencedores da POPCAP’14 , o prémio de Fotografia Africana Contemporânea da Piclet.org. São eles Joana Choumali (Costa do Marfim), Ilan Godfrey (África do Sul), Léonard Pongo (Bélgica),Anoek Steketee and Eefje Blankevoort (Holanda), and Patrick Willocq (França).

Sobre o trabalho de Joana Choumali's (fotografia em cima), escreve a revista Another Africa:

Abidjan based photographer Joana Choumali’s series Hââbré, The Last Generation explores scarification – markings created through superficial incisions made to the body. Hââbré means both writing and scarification in Kô, a Burkinabe language. Once common, this traditional practice is fading due to changing values and pressures. Few and far between, people bearing these markings as Choumali describes are typically only members of an older generation. Her portraits of individuals in Abidjan, question the links between the past and the present. As documents of the physical traces of shared values, and traditions of self-imaging within cultural groups, they reflect on how these are subject to change. Once the norm, and having high social value as she describes, individuals bearing these vestiges of the past, are now somewhat “excluded”. Joana Choumali was born in 1974 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. She lives in Abidjan Cococy, Ivory Coast.

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