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O teatro independente argentino

Publicado6 Fev 2013

Participants in Panorama Sur, Buenos Aires. Julian Mesri is to the far right.

Nascido em Buenos Aires e a viver e trabalhar em Nova Iorque, Julian Mesri descreve a realidade do teatro independente na Argentina e a forma como o mesmo é feito diariamente

"The main theater district is known as El abasto, which is located in the neighborhoods of Balvanera and Almagro and before was known as the Tango district, where many of the famous tangueros(such as Carlos Gardel) would spend their time. The name “abasto” comes from the abasto market which was one of the city’s main markets and is now a trendy shopping mall that has spearheaded the area’s gentrification. But the streets between Calle Corrientes and Calle Cordoba (the main avenues) are still dimly lit small two-story tenements or apartments, with broken pavement and little cafes and bars.

And if you blink you’ll miss the theaters, small and right next to those same cafes and bars. In the small 20-block or so radius that makes up the Abasto you have over 50 theaters. But 50 theaters does not equal 50 plays, since each of these theaters runs an average of three to four shows at the same time, sometimes on the same night. Because of this, Buenos Aires is considered the city with the most theaters, and by far the most theatrical performances each night."

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