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"Every Day is for the Thief", de Teju Cole

Publicado7 Mai 2014

But there is another side to this engaged portrait, and you see it in Cole’s attitude towards the city’s known problems; corruption, failure of leadership, power cuts, the underpaid hardworking professionals, the unnecessary violence, the country’s lack of interest in its own history, an unravelling humanity. Cole’s critiques, even as they are masked by gentleness, still sting. Consider, “What, I wonder, are the social consequences of life in a country that has no use for history?” and “The problem used to only be the leadership. But now, when you step out into the city, your oppressor is likely to be your fellow citizen, his ethics eroded by years of suffering and life at the cusp of desperation.”

But the power of these critiques, it is important to note, is in the fact that they come from a deep reservoir of love.

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