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Emeka Ogboh e os sons de Lagos

Publicado31 Jul 2014

Emeka Ogboh, presente na Dak'Art 2014 é um artista nigeriano que aborda, nos seus trabalhos de video e audio, o cosmopolitismo das grandes cidades. Recentemente, Lagos, uma das cidades maiores do seu país e do continente africano, é o foco do seu interesse.

Its intensity and diversity, so much happening at the same time and on different layers. A lot of people would consider Lagos’ soundscape as being very noisy, and they’d call it noise. But I stopped calling it noise since I started listening to it. When you record sounds out in the streets and bring them to your studio, it gives you room to be relaxed and listen to it – you are not right there in the action. Because when you are out there in the street, you’re probably trying to get somewhere, you are in hurry and not really paying attention to the soundscape… you can hear it but you are not really listening.

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