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"Dust", o primeiro romance de Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor

Publicado6 Mar 2014

 Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor

Only the reader who truly loves books — books full to brimming with imagery — will appreciate the magic Owuor has made of the classic nation-at-war novel. With splintered lyricism, she tells the story of the Oganda family: Moses Odidi, a young, brilliant, rugby-playing engineer who is brutally murdered in the prologue; his younger sister, Arabel Ajany, a gifted painter who returns from Brazil to bury her brother, then switches tack and scours Nairobi to “find” him; their father, Aggrey Nyipir, an elegant gravedigger turned cattle herder, once the right-hand man to the rogue British officer Hugh Bolton; Bolton’s son, Isaiah William, arriving in Kenya to search for his father; and Akai Lokorijom, the devastatingly beautiful, AK-47-wielding woman who unites them all. These are fragile, passionate human beings, most of them guilty of righteous violence, all of them bearing wounds and hopes that will lead to death or redemption. The richness of the plot alone will challenge a lazy reader. But the visceral lusciousness of the prose will thrill a lover of language.

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