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Délio Jasse em entrevista

Délio Jasse, artista angolano nascido em 1980, que teve obra exposta no âmbito do Próximo Futuro em 2011,  e que integra em 2015 o Pavilhão de Angola da 56ª Bienal de Veneza, deu uma entrevista agora publicada no site Art South Africa.

What led you to photography?

I fell in love with photography after working in a screen- printing atelier. There was a photography studio within the atelier, where we created photoliths by separating the colours. I’ve been a fan ever since.

So would you say that your work is photographically inspired?

I am inspired by the notion of experimenting with photography, but as you can see, my interaction with photography is not conventional. By layering and superimposing my images, I lessen the depth of field that is commonly associated with photography. So yes, to answer your question I would say that I am photographically inspired, even though I would not label my work as purely photographic. Although it is essential to my work — being the starting point of my experimentation — it is not the cornerstone of my speech.

Are there any African photographers that inspire you?

I don’t really have an “African” inspiration, even though there are many African artists whom I admire and respect. I admire artists who are unafraid of experimenting with the different options offered by the photographic medium.

How do you feel about the statement "Everybody is a photographer?"

I believe that as long as we have the ability to see, we have the ability to reproduce it as an artform.

Snapped in Conversation with Délio Jasse