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"Charlie Hebdo: We cannot let the Paris murderers define Islam"

Publicado9 Jan 2015

Ed Husainé, consultor senior na Tony Blair Foudation, pertence ao Council on Foreign Relations, é especializado no movimento islâmico, no Médio Oriente e nas políticas anti-terroristas e escreve no The Guardian sobre o atentado de Paris. 

Islam and Muslims are secure in the west because of freedom of speech, conscience, press and religion. To attack those freedoms is to attack Islam’s existence. The dangerous ignorance of the extremists is not limited to their failure to understand the west. They do not know the prophet for whom they claim to kill.

Unable to observe Islam freely in Mecca, the prophet migrated to Medina. There his first act was to build a mosque, the most sacred structure for a believer. An Arab man entered the mosque and urinated in front of the prophet with no care for the sanctity of the mosque. How did the prophet respond to this deepest of insults to Islam and himself? He cleaned the mosque, stopped Muslims from expelling the man and explained the inviolability of a place of worship.

There are many such lessons of compassion, kindness and care in the life of the prophet that are airbrushed by today’s fanatics. The bigotry of the Salafi jihadis can only be challenged and eventually uprooted by educating them on the prophet of Islam described in the Qur’an “as a mercy to the worlds”.

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