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call for papers: "Eating and drinking in Africa..."

Call for papers até 31 de Outubro de 2011 para um número especial da revista Afriques. Débats, méthodes et terrains d’histoire (Centre d'Études des Mondes Africains - Paris I) : "Manger et boire en Afrique avant le XXème siècle / Eating and drinking in Africa before the 20th century".

Monique Chastanet (CNRS/CEMAf/Université Paris 1), Gérard Chouin (IFRA-Ibadan/CEMAf/ArScAn), Dora de Lima (CRHM/Université Paris 1), Thomas Guindeuil (CEMAf/Université Paris 1)

CFP Published online since April 2010 (http://afriques.revues.org), Afriques. Débats, méthodes et terrains d’histoire is the only journal devoted to the history of Africa before the 20th century. For its fifth thematic issue, scheduled for late 2012, Afriques is calling for papers on: “Eating and drinking in Africa before the 20th century: Cuisines, exchanges, social constructions”. Ten years will, in 2012, have passed since the publication of Cuisine et société en Afrique: histoire, saveurs, savoir-faire (M. Chastanet, F.X. Fauvelle-Aymar and D. Juhé-Beaulaton, eds.), still one of the very few books devoted to this topic. It described the history of foods, dishes, drinks and commensality in Africa. The fifth issue of Afriques would like to update this description while focusing on the period before the 20th century, as is the journal’s wont.
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