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África e o futebol

Publicado7 Jun 2010

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(...)Many people wonder if it is possible to characterise the African game in the same way that, for example, we characterise South American football. The answer is no.

The African continent is so big. There are individual countries, such as Nigeria, that geographically, as well as demographically, would cover large parts of Europe. And that is the most common mistake we make, to regard Africa as a unity. Its football has as many variations as Europe.(...)

Now and then I go and watch a game of football in Maputo. What is remarkable is that the atmosphere among the supporters never seems aggressive. I have not seen a fight break out among fans. The mood at the stadium is marked by joy and incredible noise, almost like being at a carnival. Drums, pipes and whistles; dancing, jumping, cheering and sighing. It seems to me that the seriousness of the game has never been able to take control of the more playful parts. That, I believe, is Africa’s greatest gift to international football so far.(...)

Excertos do texto no Financial Times do escritor sueco Henning Mankell, que vive e trabalha metade do ano em Moçambique, onde dirige o Teatro Avenida, em Maputo.