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"A Critical Perspective on Emerging Artistic Practice in Angola"

Publicado25 Nov 2014

Imagem: ‘Baoba’s Dream’ featuring artist Iris Chocolate. National Museum for Natural History, Luanda, 2013.

Houghton Kinsman entrevistou a curadora Suzana Sousa, que fala sobre a necessidade de infraestruturas eficientes e da contribuição dos jovens artistas para a reconfiguração do discurso artístico em Angola.

Houghton Kinsman| How would you describe the current artistic climate of Angola? What are some of the most exciting/challenging elements facing the discourse?

Suzana Sousa | Currently, the artistic climate in Angola is still marked by the few existing exhibition spaces, some run by governmental institutions and others by international cultural institutions. However, more recently the international attention on the work of young artists has shaken the construction of artistic discourses that were essentially based on local culture and identity. This is something that I find exciting, especially the balance, still in the making, between a global artistic language and reflections on local histories and aesthetic elements.

In thinking about the development of the artistic landscape in Angola, what are some of the challenges that you have found working in Angola?

I think, the lack of public grants/funds for art and culture, is the biggest challenge. Although it is always possible to work with private companies as sponsors, there is another set of demands in regards to working with the economic sector.

A Critical Perspective on Emerging Artistic Practice in Angola, em Another Africa