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A banda desenhada na África do Sul

Publicado11 Dez 2014

Imagem: Daniel Hugo, capa do nº 1 de ComicArtAfrica

Daniel Hugo, ilustrador sul africano radicado na Cidade do Cabo, é autor da primeira capa da  ComicArtAfrica, uma publicação que nasceu associada à ARTsouthAFRICA. Nesta entrevista, o criador fala do estado da arte da banda desenhada no continente africano, qual a especificidade do género, inspirações e influências, identidade e traços especificamente sul africanos. BLIKSEM é a exposição que apresenta alguns dos seus trabalhos e de outros artistas, a partir de dia 13 de Dezembro de 2014. 

What is the current position of comics and other related media in South Africa and the African continent? Have we arrived or are we still on the journey?

The sad reality is that comics in SA inhabit a fringe position. There seems to be a dismissive attitude from the reading public (apart from a small but loyal following) & the general art establishment. Hence comics are unappreciated & underrated. We have certainly not arrived yet!

What can comics do that other art and literary forms cannot in our local context?

One is able to tell very personal stories visually without constraints like budgets or clients; you are only limited by your imagination & the ability to tell a story with pictures & words. In a local context, I suppose it’s a window into others’ stories, lives & ideas across the language divide. It’s the one thing I believe promotes literacy from a young age.

Do we draw our inspiration from the USA and Europe rather than the rest of the continent? Should we be engaged more closely with creatives from Africa?

I think the whole world draws their inspiration from the US & Europe, as well as Japan, seeing as they produce the most comics in numbers & genres. In terms of stories, I think, although we are infuenced by these Big Three, there is a tendency to draw inspiration from our own surroundings, angstiness & legends. It would be wonderful if there were more cross-pollination with other creatives from the Continent, which is something that the Velocity Graphic Anthology has promoted.

A entrevista completa, em ComicArtAfrica: Interview with Daniel Hugo