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A obra do cineasta Sana Na N'Hada

Published18 Mar 2015

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"Quero mostrar às pessoas porque a riqueza natural do meu país é tão importante e porque nos devemos unir para impedir que a nossa nação e cultura sejam prejudicados." disse o realizador da Guiné-Bissau, Sana Na N'Hada, de que o Próximo Futuro já apresentou vários filmes,como Cadjigque e No Reino de Bijagós. Prestes a completar 65 anos, o site Africa is a Country dedica um texto ao seu percurso, que passou pela documentação da vida de Amilcar Cabral  à tensão entre preservação e desenvolvimento. Pode ler mais aqui: 

Upon his return to Guinea-Bissau he rejoined Cabral’s movement and set about documenting the war of independence on film. Reflecting on his cinematic conversion he states, “I didn’t come into cinema because of talent but because I felt obligated to tell certain stories. There has always been a question of necessity.”

In 1976, shortly after independence, N’Hada co-directed two short films with Gomes: The Return of Cabral and Anos No Assa Luta – both tributes to the revolution and to their great political icon Amìlcar Cabral.

His life long friendship and collaborations with Gomes has produced some seminal works in the canon of Guinean cinema. His greatest recognition however has come in the form of Sans Soleil, a documentary collaboration with French filmmaker Chris Marker. Shot in the early eighties, it was recently voted one of the top five best documentaries ever made.

As well as Gomes and Chris Marker, N’Hada counts celebrated Senegalese filmmaker Sembène Ousmane and Santiago Àlvarez among his great cinematic influences.

Under the radar, yet Guinea Bissau’s Sana Na N’Hada is one of Africa’s most important filmmakers today


A Cinemateca do Próximo Futuro abre hoje com a estreia mundial do filme Cadjigue de Sana Na N'Hada, às 22h00 no Anfiteatro ao Ar Livre, com a presença do realizador.

"Earlier this year I was invited to join a film crew on assignment to one of Africa's least known archipelagos - the Bijagós. The plan was to make a feature film by director Sana N'hada about these islands' ancient culture and the dangers it faces nowadays. As I boarded the airplane my mind was filled with exciting expectations about my first experience in Africa and as part of a cinema production team."

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