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Mário Macilau - Esquecidos

"Esquecidos" é a nova exposição de Mário Macilau que inaugurou há dias no Centro Cultural Franco Moçambicano em Maputo e pode ser visitada até 5 de Março.

"In affluent societies, the demands of the high-performance labour that is paired with the increasing life expectancy, a culture of care homes has been put in place. Elderly members of the family are placed in these homes under care of professionals who are often strangers to these vulnerable groups. Care homes are part social club, dispensaries and hospices.This culture of displacement stands in contrast with social values of the traditions of living together and growing old in one homestead, whereby senior members of the family were cared for by their offspring. Such cultures can still be found in rural areas and some parts of African countries."

A entrevista de Macilau ao blog Africa is a Country pode ler-se aqui