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Garage Ball

Entry by invitation, to be raised at the ticket office of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Each card entitles two entries.

20 Jun 2014 - 0:00 – 4:00

Foundation's Underground Parking

Lyndon Barry invites La Flama Blanca for a evening where South American sounds will continuously flourish.


Lyndon Barry (left) © Luís Mileu


The mixed origin, Mozambican and from Trás-os-Montes, of a Portuguese man that was Brazilian in another life (or the other way around) is felt in the percussion and fondness of him who has landed in Lisbon more than a decade ago, and had a small break in Warsaw. From Polish Blues to Pernambucan experimentalism, from African beat to Persian psychedelics, samba-rock to punk-marrabenta, cumbia to atonal music, nothing is left for chance at the dancehall.


Magreb’s descendency in Lisbon is becoming more and more tropical, or so says La Flama Blanca - full of palm trees, naked shoulders. Flama has during the past two years infected the city with BAILE TROPICANTE, his monthly residency at Musicbox where he plays psychedelic Peruvian cumbia from the 70’s, classics from the Columbia of the 50’s and 70’s, contemporary Argentinean music and so forth. An anthropologic mission charged with a sweat that crosses decades, forests and borders.