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Direction: Guillermo Calderón


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6 Sep 2014 - 21:30 | 7 Sep 2014 - 19:00 | 8 Sep 2014 - 21:30

Teatro do Bairro

Admission 15 €

“Any act of resistance from the extremists obliges the armed forces to adopt drastic sanctions, not only against the aggressors, but also against all the detainees or to those under house arrest and constant surveillance. The armed forces ach Chilean Police will be ruthless in maintaining public order and constant vigilance. For each innocent life 10 elements of that undesirable group of Marxists shall be executed immediately, according to the legal provisions that the Military Code of Justice establishes in times of war.”

30st Division  of the Intendancy  from the Cautín Province, Temuco, Chile, 17 of  September of 1973.


© Valentino Saldivar

It was against this threat that during the 80’s a group of left wing militants received paramilitary instructions to resist and take down the dictatorship. The contents shown in this production portray the activities and aspirations of a generation that used all the available resources to attain justice and liberty. The result is a troubling piece, constructed with subtlety through 90 minutes by unique skillfulness of one of the major contemporary directors, Guillermo Calderón. Next Future presented in the past Nela, Villa e Discurso, also by this Chilean director.

Director: Guillermo Calderón
Assistant Director: Maria Paz González
Cast: Luis Cerda, Francisca Lewin, Camila González, Carlos Ugarte and Andrea Giadach 
Production Design: Loreto Martínez
Music: Felipe Bórquez
Production: Fundação Festival Internacional de Teatro a Mil

Copresented: Festival Santiago a Mil, Programa Gulbenkian Próximo Futuro


Teatro do Bairro
6 september: 21h30
7 september: 19:00
8 september: 21:30

Cine-Teatro Louletano
11 september: 21h30