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Management of Cultural and Social Organizations

3rd research workshop

22 Apr 2010 - 9:30 – 17:30

Auditorium 1

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In suggesting as a research topic the problems involved in the management of cultural and social organisations, what we have in mind is the fact that in many Latin American and African countries these two types of management, as well as many of their contents, are very similar. There are many situations and case studies in which the two types of management have become totally fused together.

Ignacio Gumucio (Courtesy of the artist)

How should we analyse situations of this type? Which are the most suitable models in terms of their operationality and efficacy? Which examples of good management should we turn our attention to and draw samples from? And, as researchers and managers working in this area, what can we learn from the more effective of these examples? What theories can be stated about the governance and democratic management of resources and means?