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Science Fiction Films from Africa and Latin America (2nd Session)

Portuguese subtitles, M/16

22 Jun 2015 - 22:00

Open Air Auditorium

Admission 3 €

Barbosa, Jorge Furtado (Brazil), 1988 / Panic Attack, Fede Alvarez (Uruguay), 2009 / The Color Out of Space, Sergio Wolf (Argentina), 2014.

This year, in the Open Air Auditorium, viewers will be able to watch a film series that has rarely been screened in Portugal. The series is, in a way, a continuation of a debate on Science Fiction in Africa and Latin America held last May as part of the Observatory on Other Literatures. Classic and contemporary sci-fi films will be screened from various African and Latin American countries, where a tradition of this genre exists that is completely unknown in Portugal. While these short, mid-length and feature-length films follow certain sci-fi conventions, their themes, the kinds of characters portrayed and the scenarios in which they take place are highly unique. This series is guaranteed to be a true cinematic revelation.


Barbosa, Jorge Furtado (Brazil, 1988)

Barbosa, Jorge Furtado (Brazil)

Fiction, 1988, 13’

Thirty-eight years after the 1950 World Cup, a man goes back in time in order to prevent the goal that defeated Brazil, destroyed his childhood dreams and finished the carrier of goalkeeper Barbosa.


Panic Attack, Fede Alvarez (Uruguay)

Science Fiction, 2009, 5’

Giant robots appear out of the mist and attack Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Accompanied by a squadron of spacecraft, they fire weapons at the city and destroy key buildings, leading to mass panic. The military fights back to little avail. At the end of the film, the robots fuse together to form a giant sphere, which then detonates and engulfs the city in a fireball.


The Color Out of Space, Sergio Wolf (Argentina)

Documentary, 2014, 75’

A meteor show inspires this journey-expedition through indigenous lore, greedy conquistadors, unsolved enigmas and smugglers, bringing together myth and science, past and present. Starting at Campo del Cielo and travelling to Pittsburgh and Tucson in the US, Sergio Wolf chases down meteor hunters. The Color Out of Space is a detective story, an obsession story. The treasure hunters in Wolf’s film have their Holy Grail or Arch of the Alliance, which in this case is the Mesón de Fierro, the great meteor discovered by the Spanish in the late 16th century, and considered to be missing two centuries later. History hides mysteries, mere legends perhaps, which only a few people affected by this peculiar gold fever dare to challenge, and even unearth. Since this is Sergio Wolf, no one would be surprised if at the end of his film he’s able to pull the Mesón de Fierro itself out of his top hat. But he has different goals: one can suspect he doesn’t care as much about meteors as he does about those obsessive searchers, so protective of their secrets.