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The Mural

Kilian Glasner

18 Jun 2010


For the western wall of the garage, Kilian Glasner (Recife, 1977) designed a mural work that she has entitled O BRILHANTE FUTURO DA CANA-DE-AÇUCAR (The Brilliant Future of Sugar Cane).

Photo by Pauliana Pimentel

This is a huge pastel drawing (5 metres high x 42 metres wide, approximately), which takes a particularly subtle look at the current chain of sugar cane production and the scale of its economy, namely with regard to the production of ethanol. But, in an even more subliminal way, we can see in this work a reference to the past, where the histories of Brazil, Portugal and Africa intersect. On the other hand, the tradition of social intervention in the history of Latin American arts, frequently in the form of mural paintings, is a central aspect of this artistic choice.