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As eleições de amanhã

Chioniso Maraire, importante cantora zimbabueana de 37 anos, faleceu esta semana e já não verá o futuro governo do seu país. Ficam-nos as suas canções e a denúncia social que as suas letras retratam.

O Zimbabué vai a votos amanhã. Esta é uma eleição que se deve acompanhar, percebendo o que foram os últimos cinco anos de goevernação partilhada e que papel têm os zimbabueanos e a comunidade internacional a desempenhar. 

"If the country was divided before the power-sharing agreement, it is no less divided five years later. Credibility of elections has decreased among voters, while distrust between parties and even within parties has increased. The aim of power sharing in Zimbabwe was to end post-election violence. However, despite short-term gains the inclusive government has revealed the down-side of coerced coalition. 

The 2008 violence has generated new uncertainties for 2013. The two parties dominating the contest are as bitter rivals now as they were in 2008 and may have developed an even greater intolerance for each other. "

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NoViolet Bulawayo

Em 2011 ganhou o prémio Caine para a Literatura Africana. Ao contrário do vencedor deste ano, um nigeriano nascido e educado na diáspora, NoViolet Bulawayo nasceu e cresceu no Zimbabué tendo chegado aos Estados Unidos com 18 anos. O que pensa e escreve pode acompanhar-se pelo seu blog.

Enquanto o Zimbabwe implode sob o punho de Mugabe ela é candidata -  a única africana- ao Booker Prizer.

"Announcing the list, the judge Robert Macfarlane said: "This is surely the most diverse longlist in Man Booker history: wonderfully various in terms of geography, form, length and subject. (...) These 13 outstanding novels range from the traditional to the experimental, from the first century AD to the present day, from 100 pages to 1 000, and from Shanghai to Hendon."

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Arterial Network Zimbabwe learnt with profound sadness the imminent closure in its current location of the Book Cafe and Mannenberg, one of the most vibrant arts centres in Zimbabwe.

Book Cafe and Mannenberg will close its doors at Fife Avenue Mall in Harare after 15 years. The building owners, retail giant OK Zimbabwe and its agent, Old Mutual, one of Africa’s largest property, finance and insurance conglomerates whose parent company is in South Africa, advised that the owners will occupy the premises from 2012. “Owner occupation” is often the only means by which a lease can be technically cancelled in this way under Zimbabwe law.

The Book Cafe and Mannenberg have epitomised good practice in arts entrepreneurship within a development framework, demonstrated by their impressive milestones: in 15 years the venues achieved: 7,500 concerts and events (mainly music and poetry), 650 public discussions, 90 book launches, 35 theatre productions and staging of 250 international touring acts. 600,000 audience entered the twin venues since opening, as Book Cafe in 1997 (with Luck Street Blues), and Mannenberg in 2000 (with historic performances by jazz pianist Abdullah Ibrahim). About 350 artists earned a livelihood at the venues in 2011 alone. 1200 artists participated annually in development programmes. 950 events were staged annually since 2008, and prior to 2008 about 600 events.

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Até 1 de Maio em HARARE (Zimbabwe)

Published28 Apr 2011

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Na foto: "Décompte (Countdown)", de Zab Maboungou, com Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata

Está a decorrer até ao 1º de Maio o Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA), evento programático de 6 dias que todos os anos procura reunir na antiga Salisbúria, capital do Zimbabwe, uma amostragem significativa da produção artística e cultural local, regional e internacional.

Aqui, toda a programação de Música, Teatro, Dança, Spoken Word, Artes Visuais e Workshops do HIFA 2011.

Rediscovering African Geographies: últimos dias, em Londres

Orbis Terrae, in "Atlas sive Cosmographicae" (1595), Gerard Mercator 

Últimos dias para espreitar a exposição "Rediscovering African Geographies" na Royal Geographical Society em Londres!

From the great African Kings and Empires from 3000BC to the complex trade networks and migration of Africans within the continent and across the world, the Society's new Rediscovering African Geographies exhibition uses maps, photographs and literature from our Collections to travel through Africa’s history.

Rediscovering African Geographies shows, from an African perspective, how culture, international relations, language and conflict have shaped the geography we know today. It reveals often neglected stories and how these records of African societies, cultures and landscapes helped shape and inform European views of this continent and its people.

The exhibition, which runs from 22 March 2011 to 28 April 2011, has been created with African community partners representing the Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and South Africa. It's free to visit and will be held at the Society premises, Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm.

The exhibition features Africans such as James Chuma, Abdullah Susi and Sidi Mubarak Bombay who made important contributions to the Victorian expeditions undertaken by David Livingstone and others that were supported by the Society.

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Lúcia Marques