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Em modo Moda - Blackbird Designs

Published12 Aug 2013

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Do Kénia para Nova Iorque, uma dupla de jovens designers que têm uma perspectiva sobre o que é África, o que inspira e quem a inspira.

"When the duo—nicknamed “Syd” and “Zeddie”—aunched Blackbird Jeans i2008, they shared a desire to change the way the world looked at African fashion and the way Kenyans viewed their own style. Known for mixing bold prints and patterns, Syd and Zeddie create aesthetically challenging collections that pair earth tones and vertical stripes, with ankara and plaid fabrics similar to those traditionally worn by East Africa’s Maasai tribe.  In 2011, they took their signature style to the U.S. for their debut at Africa Fashion Week New York, a move that has been well received."

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