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Algo está a mudar em Nairobi

Something is happening in Nairobi-something has been roused. There are whispers of audio installations and sightings of video art; conversation on contemporary art is reaching crescendo, and the vocabulary can match that from any scene in the globe. The past decade and a half has seen a painstaking, determined paradigm shift in visual arts in Nairobi, Eastern Africa’s largest city. A crop of young, prolific contemporary artists, like Peterson Kamwathi and Ato Malinda are adamantly soldiering on, where behemoths like Katarikawe and Wadu stumbled. Often, they can be found at the loft of the Nairobi Arts Trust, engaging on topics about the global art scene and one can quickly sense how small the world has become- they are in constant touch with the cultural metro-politic across Africa and abroad.

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