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Tempo e Espaço: Os Solos da Marrabenta


22 Jun 2013 - 21:00 | 23 Jun 2013 - 21:00

São Luiz Teatro Municipal (Sala Principal)

Admission 15 €

Choreography and dance: Panaíbra Gabriel Canda (Mozambique)


“Time and Space: The Marrabenta Solos” explores a crisis of identity, deconstructs cultural representations of a “pure” African body, particularly the Mozambican body. Since snatching independence from Portugal in 1975, Mozambique has been a land of social and political rifts, which have seen an inflexible communist model gradually make way for a fragile democracy. The performance explores the idea of today’s African body: a post-colonial, plural body that has absorbed the ideals of nationalism, modernity, socialism and freedom of expression, my own body. The performance is accompanied by a guitarist, who explores the Marrabenta music, a musical form born in the 1950s from a mixture of local and European influences, in particular a Portuguese guitar

co-production: Sylt Quelle Cultural awards 2009 – Goethe Institut Joanesburgo

with the support of: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Bates Festival, Festival Panorama, VSArtsNM

Os Solos da Marrabenta


Panaíbra Canda, was born in Maputo, had artistic training in theatre, music and dance. He received additional training in contemporary dance Lisbon among Danças Na Cidade. He started to develop his artistic projects since 1993. In 1998 he created CulturArte, and been developing many artistic projects, including creations, showcases and training projects to encourage a local dance scene development. He also develops collaboration with artists in southern Africa and Europe, as well collaborating with artists of other disciplines. His work has been presented in Africa, Europe, USA and Latin America, Some of his works were awarded in Paris at African choreographic meeting in Paris/ France-2006, Zurich 2008 a ZKB Patronage Prize in Zurich/ and the Sylt Quelle Cultural Award for Southern Africa 2009, a Germany encouraging cultural prize.