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Tales of Kings

Theatre Prague


29 Jun - 19:00 | 30 Jun - 11:30 | 30 Jun - 17:00 | 1 Jul - 11:30 | 1 Jul - 17:00 | 7 Jul - 11:30 | 7 Jul - 17:00 | 8 Jul - 11:30 | 8 Jul - 17:00 | 2012


Admission 5 €

In this proposal of the Teatro Praga, the Arabian “OneThousand and One Nights” are Tales of Kings which are worth gold but are exchanged ‘for nickels’.

Right in the middle of the Gulbenkian Gardens, four stories, told by two pairs of actors, guide the spectators by the narrative suggesting them and encouraging them to participate actively. After having formulated the narrative assumptions, having the characters been presented and the plot summarized with speed and simplicity, they transform the imagination into a theater and dress the spectators of heroes, enemies, thieves, princesses and monsters. With only a poster, a rug or a turban, the scenery is done with little, but everyone can get into the story, say the magic words and be Ali Baba, Aladdin and the Prince Bright. The proposal of the Theatre Prague is a game of discovery and representation that approaches the stories of those who hear them, turning the spectators into tellers.

THEATRE PRAGUE (Portugal, 1995) is based in the Espaço Teatro Praga, in Lisbon. They regularly collaborate with some of the most prestigious cultural structures in Portugal and have performed at festivals and theaters in several European countries (Italy, UK, Germany, France, Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, Slovakia and Denmark). This is a group of artists who work without a director and wish to emphasize the uniqueness of theater practice. They are always different, are in constant metamorphosis and subject to unpredictable variations of themselves. The shows are events which, not putting aside their physical theatrical condition (drama), go in search of 'maximum liability of the spectator', ie to find a community in the middle of fictional chaos.