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Soundway Records DJ set

Soundway Records

United Kingdom

3 Jul 2010 - 17:00 – 20:00

Terrace of the Modern Art Centre

Soundway Records is one of the leading examples in a group of record companies dedicating themselves to the musicological archaeology of the inexhaustible heritage that has been demonstrated by the musical production of Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, and both the Middle and Far East, over the last few decades.

Its catalogue has been built up by collecting together some of the most interesting musical projects from outside the mainstream of western musical recordings – but nonetheless not being immune to their influence – which, paradoxically have proved capable of leaving their marks on those western musicians who are most attentive to what is happening on the fringes of creativity in world music. Recent releases include the albums Nigeria Special Volume 2, a compilation of afro beat, high life and blues from Nigeria in the 1970s, and Panama! 3, a compilation of a wide range of different Caribbean sounds originating from the exciting music scene in Panama.