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Puto Gallo Conquistador

Choreographer: Tamara Cubas


5 Sep 2014 - 21:00 | 6 Sep 2014 - 21:00

Grande Auditório

Admission 15 €

Through an imaginary collective, this piece questions the past and Uruguay’s colonial processes, in which the indigenous populations and their languages were extinct.


In a history full of gaps and episodes that weren’t collectively solved, with versions that strive to give meaning to their peripheral and third world present Tamara Cubas plays with history, filling its gaps, modifying and fictionalizing successes, colouring  the precarity that the official history tells. The work looks for narratives from a non occidental, decolonized subaltern point of view. Tamara Cubas is one of the brightest choreographers in Latin America.

Choreographer: Tamara Cubas
Cast: Santiago Turenne, Javier Olivera, Maite Santibañez, Sergio Muñóz, Natalia Viroga.
Light and Stage Design: Leticia Skrycky y Santiago Tricot
Music: Ezequiel Rivero
Production: Ignacio Fumero

Co-Production: Tamara Cubas, Next Future Gulbenkian Program


Born in 1972, Tamara Cubas lives in her home country, Uruguay. She studied Visual Arts and Contemporary Dance; her stage creations have a strong visual component. In the last years she has been investigating about memory and the recent past in a variety of supports (stage, photography, video, performance); situating herself in the intersection of several generations and questioning concepts such as Collective, Nation and the idea of Future. Recently she has been working about the concept of Crowd as a form of social and >political organization, generating a stage project where the relation with Power is the centre both in the process in the choreographed piece. This path she traversed took her to a new territory on decolonized, non occidental and subaltern practices.