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Pedro Páramo

Direction: Miguel Seabra


9 Sep 2014 - 21:30 – 11 Sep 2014 - 21:30

Teatro Meridional

Admission 10 €

Juan Preciado, after his mother death goes to Comala in search of Pedro Páramo, his father. Along the way, when approaching the final destination, he meets several inhabitants who are in a way or another to Pedro Páramo. 

Gradually contradictions and absurdities take place and the boundaries between reality and supernatural, sleep and vigil, past and present will become more blur. Comala is inhabited by a community where Pedro Páramo, is at the center, hated by all, as Comala has progressively assumed the traits of his character. But it has been long since Pedro Páramo is dead and that Comala died with him. In a text with an extremely visual language and characters of imminent theatricality, the scenes are drawn by fragments and each fragment is a viewpoint that ingeniously mixes the real, the imaginary and the supernatural, in a work of absolute magical realism.

Author: Juan Rulfo (Mexico)
Director: Miguel Seabra
Adaptation: Natália Luiza
Cast: Ivo Canelas, Rui M. Silva, Nuria Méncia, Carla Galvão, Natália Luiza, Romeu Costa e António Filipe
Set Design and Props: Marta Carreiras
Original Soundtrack and Sound Design: Rui Rebelo
Image: Pedro Sena Nunes
Light Designer: Miguel Seabra
Photographer: Nuno Figueira
Assistant Director: Vítor Alves da Silva
Set Designer Assistant: Marco Fonseca
Editing: Marco Fonseca, Nuno Figueira
Technical Director: Nuno Figueira
Executive Producer: Natália Alves
Assistant Production: Susana Monteiro
Management Advisory: Mónica Almeida
Teatro Meridional Art Directors: Miguel Seabra and Natália Luiza

Co-Production: Teatro Meridional and Next Future Gulbenkian Program

Teatro Meridional is a Portuguese theatre company focused in itinerating that searches in its productions a style marked by the protagonism of the actors’ effort in interpreting. This makes the construction of each theatrical object an investment in research and experimentation.