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Outra Hora da Estrela

Musical theatre

29 Jun 2013 - 23:00

São Luiz Teatro Municipal (Jardim de Inverno)

Admission 7 €

Direction: Eucanaã Ferraz

Narrator: João Miguel

Singer: Jussara Silveira

The show “Another Hour of the Star” adapts the book by Clarice Lispector to the stage, bringing together literature and song. The voice of the narrator – reading selected passages from the book – alternates with Brazilian songs that help to recount the story and create the ‘Claricean’ atmosphere in one of the author’s most compelling texts. “The Hour of the Star” (1977) is one of Clarice Lispector’s best-known books. It tells the story of Macabéa, a migrant from the north-east of Brazil who struggles for survival in the big city and, at the same time, the drama of its narrator – Clarice’s fictional mask – who struggles with writing to succeed in portraying a character that is far removed from her own socio-economic reality. Thus, like the book, “Another Hour of the Star” oscillates between pity for the fragile, gauche Macabéa, and the writer’s anguish in trying to overcome the inability to transpose into words the life of the poor and needy. But, while there is pain, there is also humour and sudden reversals of fortune, as in the relationship between Macabéa and her boyfriend, the Olympic worker, from the north-east like herself, rough and vain, who leaves her to stay with Glória, a sensual and confident girl from Rio de Janeiro.

Aknowledgments: Paulo Gurgel Valente, Editora Rocco

Outra Hora da Estrela

EUCANAÃ FERRAZ (Brazil, 1961)

Eucanaã Ferraz teaches Brazilian Literature at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ. Since 2010, he has been a literary consultant to the Moreira Salles Institute, where he prepares the whole programme relating to publications, exhibitions, debates, courses and shows. Among other publications, he has organised two books by Caetano Veloso, “Letra só” (Companhia. das Letras, 2003) and “O mundo não é chato” (Companhia das Letras, 2005), as well as collecting poems and song lyrics for the anthology entitled “Veneno AntiMonotonia” (Objetiva, 2005). After preparing the book “Poesia completa e prosa” (Complete Poetry and Prose), by Vinicius de Moraes (Nova Aguilar, 2004), he became responsible for coordinating the publication of this composer’s works. As a poet himself, he has published the following collections, among others, “Desassombro” (7 Letras, 2002 – which won the Alphonsus de Guimaraens Prize, awarded by the Fundação Biblioteca Nacional, for the best book of poetry), “Rua do mundo” (Companhia das Letras, 2004), “Cinemateca” (Companhia das Letras, 2008) and, for children and young people, the collection “Bicho de sete cabeças e outros seres fantásticos” (Companhia das Letrinhas, 2009) and “Palhaço, macaco, passarinho” (the winner of the Ofélia Fontes Prize, awarded by the Fundação Nacional do Livro Infantil e Juvenil, for the best children’s book of 2011).