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Med Fusion Orchester

Med Fusion


7 Jul 2012 - 19:00

Anfiteatro ao Ar Livre

Admission 12 €

Med Fusion is a musical band strongly marked by the Tunisian revolution, the so called Jasmine revolution, which began in February 2011.

Since then, they have not stopped contaminating the audience with their vibrant rhythms and harmonies of North Africa. In a perfect relationship between traditional North African instruments and modern instruments, these musicians, graduated from the Higher Institute of Music in Sfax (Tunisia), talk about social and political issues and invite us on a dancing journey for joy and for celebration. With a strong influence of Mediterranean heritage, song and melody are especially important, as well as the luxuriant instrumental improvisations, particularly in the rhythm section. It is in a tone of homage to the people who made the revolution that the Med Fusion give name to their 2011 album, “Parfum du Jasmin”.

MED FUSION (Tunisia, 2007) is an orchestra which benefits from the heritage of the Mediterranean music, emerging with a repertory played by the band, with new arrangements and improvisations, also characteristic features of the project. Med Fusion Orchester is composed by a beautiful blend of traditional Arabic instruments (quanou, flutte) and modern instruments (drums, bass guitar). The group gives a great importance to the choice of songs, and the pieces of the repertory speak of patriotism, also addressing issues of social and political order. The new album, “Parfum de Jasmin” (Jasmine Perfume), consists of songs composed by the group and others from the Tunisian and Mediterranean repertory. Tunes of jazz, blues, traditional are gently used. They also include Arabic flute improvisations, piano, violin, sometimes tonal, sometimes modal, sometimes on rhythms very varied, sometimes Tunisians, sometimes Western.