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Lula Pena

Lula Pena


2 Jul 2010 - 21:30

Open Air Amphitheatre

First it was “Phados” (1998), that unexpected and sweetly disturbing album; next there was that long, never-ending twelve year wait, which has finally come to an end now with the “Troubadour” work. Through all the cartography of travels, drawn to the sound of a gentle breeze, through days and nights, we were able to witness rare live acts. 

Lula Pena continues to be one of the most disturbing contemporary voices. The songs continue to ignore frontiers, travelling across the whole of the Mediterranean and crossing the Ocean to the South Atlantic, in an assemblage of feelings that do not look to languages and reunite in the metres of the heart and tradition. The beauty continues to come in the shape of a scream.