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Kimi Djabaté

Kimi Djabaté


8 Jul 2012 - 19:00

Anfiteatro ao Ar Livre

Admission 12 €

This Guinean griot musician proposes a concert that is representative of the continuation of mandinga traditional music of Guinea-Bissau with contemporary music.

The musical repertoire is projected by a set of songs that speak to us about Africa, its problems, its values and trials, always honoring the people, the African soul and the African spirit of today and yesterday. In a representative concert of mandinga traditional music of Guinea-Bissau, Kimi Djabaté will play themes of his two albums already published, “Teriké” (2005) and “Karam” (2009, which earned the 2nd place in World Music Charts Europe), as well as other themes which have not been edited yet. He tries to present a concert alternating between musical moments, which transmit the strong rhythm, and a more contemplative style praised by video projections, with images on the Tabato village, the birthplace of the Guinean musician. At certain times of the concert, Kimi Djabaté will call other musicians on stage - his family - which, together, will sing and ennoble the wealth of mandinga tradition.

KIMI DJABATÉ (Guinea-Bissau, 1975) is a Guinean musician currently living in Lisbon. He is considered one of the contemporary links to the precious heritage of the traditional griot music, which emerges with his ancestors in West Africa. The vocation and the primacy in learning the traditional music Mandinga meant that he also cared for other musical styles such as local dance Gumbé, the Nigerian Afrobeat, the morna of Cape Verde and American blues and jazz. Knowledge, that came to influence, some years later, the musical compositions of which the author is a musician and composer.