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Coletivo Pedro Carneiro


1 Jul 2012 - 19:00

Gulbenkian Gardens

Free admission

The music of John Luther Adams is inspired by the earth. Resident in Alaska, the composer has created a major art book, which has been interpreted in unusual places: in the vast desert of Anza-Borrego, in the forests of New England or on the tundra of the Alaska Range.

Inuksuit is a work for percussion, with the musicians dispersed in a large space: this is a first hearing in Portugal, in the gardens of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Inuksuit is inspired by the stone figures built by the Inuit people, the first inhabitants of part of Alaska, Arctic Canada and Greenland. Inuksuk (Inuksuit, in the singular) means 'to act as a human' and these figures had a practical function (such as markers, points of coordination, communication centers), but also spiritual one. The musicians (and audiences) move freely, and in this way, discover and live their own interpretation of the work that will always be unique and intimate. The drummers breathe through megaphones, trumpets, paper cones, shells, sirens, use wind machines, gongues, plates, bells, triangles, stones, maracas, drums, tam-tams... In this work, John Luther Adams explores the perception of continuous music that surrounds us, transforming our relationship with space and time. What does it mean to act creatively in the world around us? Can we hear / listen more deeply into the sound field that surrounds us? Do our geography and our actions define our identity? How can we understand the brevity of our existence, in the immensity of geological time?

PEDRO CARNEIRO (Portugal, 1975) is an important percussionist of our times. He collaborates regularly, with renowned musicians, such as the Arditti Quartet, with whom he premiered and recorded several new quintets for marimba and string quartet. Mr. Carneiro plays and records as a guest soloist for several orchestras, such as the Seattle Symphony, Helsinki Philharmonic, Vienna Chamber Orchestra, Swedish Chamber Orchestra, Leipzig Radio Symphony, English Chamber Orchestra, State Symphony Orchestra of Sao Paulo, BBC National Orchestra of Wales. He performs regularly as soloist / director, directing from the marimba keyboard - is the artistic director and permanent conductor of the Portuguese Chamber Orchestra -, the “Orquestra em Residência”, at the Centro Cultural de Belém, in Lisbon.