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Conception, direction and interpretation: Marcela Levi


5 Sep 2014 - 19:00 | 6 Sep 2014 - 19:00

Grande Auditório

Admission 10 €

Marcela Levi has since 2002 been developing a language that creates tensions between the hierarchy body – object, focusing on several dichotomies (inside-outside, body-mind, active-passive, affirming-negating) that usually frame our perception.


In-organic received the Klaus Vianna Award by Programa Rumos Dança Itaú Cultural; it was also selected by  Artsadmin for “The top 40 illustrated guide to 2008” and was considered one of the tem best Works in dance from 2007 Jornal do Brasil.

Conception, direction and interpretation: Marcela Levi
Creation: Marcela Levi and Ana Carolina Rodrigues
Dramaturgic collaboration and direction assistance: Flavia Meireles
Objects and costumes design: Marcela Levi
Lighting design: José Geraldo Furtado
Photography: Claudia Garcia
Music: Bruno Rezende
Graphic design: Paula Delecave
Props consultancy: Joelson Gusson
Production: Marília Albornoz and Verônica Prates
Management: Isabel Ferreira

SUPPORT: Governo do Rio de Janeiro | Secretaria de Cultura

Marcela Levi (1973, Rio de Janeiro) is a performer and choreographer. In 2010, between Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, she founded with the Argentinean choreographer Lucia Russo, the "Improvável Produções" - responsible for creating and producing the dance piece "Monstrous Nature" (Fomento à Dança, SMC RJ, 2011 + Iberescena 2011 + Circuito Estadual das Artes, SEC 2012), created in 2011 in close partnership with performers Clarissa Rego, João Lima and Laura Samy and the writer and visual artist Laura Erber; and for the urban intervention Sandwalk with me, developed between London and Rio de Janeiro between 2012 and 2013, with the support of the State Secretariat of Culture of RJ and the coproduction of Panorama Festival 2013.

Over the last fifteen years, Marcela Levi has been developing projects that dissolve the boundaries between dance and the visual arts, building a language that disrupts the hierarchy between body and object: the body becomes an object and objects become body. Through her work, Levi creates a zone of ambiguity and displacements. Graduated from the School of Dance Angel Vianna (Rio de Janeiro), Levi was a resident artist at the art center Les Recollets (France), Artists in Residence Program - Casa Encendida / Aula de Danza (Spain), the Cultural Space Azala, (Spain), the Laboratory of Urban Creativity ON.OFF, Guimarães 2012 - European Capital of Culture (Portugal), guest artist in Rio Occupation London Art program at the London Cultural Olympiad, sponsored by the State Secretariat of Culture of RJ (London) and received the scholarship Batiscafo (Cuba).