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Elisa Zulueta


30 Jun 2012 - 22:00 | 1 Jul 2012 - 22:00

Outdoor Auditorium

Admission 15 €

Gladys is the second play performed by the Chilean actress, playwright and director Elisa Zulueta and was premiered in July 2011, at the Teatro del Puente, Santiago, Chile.

During a family party, on January 6, the Ander’s, awaiting the arrival of the Three Kings, and Ian, the eldest son, have a surprise that will transform the peace of this Christmas party. For twenty years now, that the younger sister, Gladys, suffers from a syndrome called Asperger, having been sent to America without any specific reason or return ticket, despite her special needs, forcing her to get about on her own. Gladys establishes herself in San Diego, dedicating her time to selling t-shirts outside the city zoo. After having been sent a few letters, Gladys is located and brought back to Chile to unearth hidden secrets, after the exile from her family. On Twelfth Night, Gladys involuntarily comes to confront her history with the family who she had chosen to forget. An apparently calm family, without problems, but supported by a lie from twenty years ago that only now comes to light. The real reasons for the departure of Gladys, this extremely well kept secret and the turning a blind eye to their disability are some of the issues that this family will face. During the night Gladys will confront herself with those who believe that one must live quietly and with those who need to know who they really are. Two ways to live life: those who need to face and live, and those for whom the family order comes with avoiding anything that may cause suffering. «Gladys intends to return to the highest realism without scenic sensationalism, but with the actor’s words and the tools, back to the truth of real life, giving the public a work on which they review themselves, and with which they may move themselves and may be able to reflect about», said Elisa Zulueta.

ELISA ZULUETA (Chile, 1981) is an actress and has worked in film making (“Tanto tempo e minha mãe”), in theater ("Estaciones de paso") and in television (in the soap opera “Lola y Feroz”). In 2009, she made her successful debut as a playwright and theater director with “Pérez” and, in 2011 she adapted this text to a script for a feature film directed by Álvaro Viguera. In July 2011, her second work, “Gladys”, opened up at the Teatro del Puente.