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El Año en que Nací

Lola Arias


7 Jul 2012 - 22:00 | 8 Jul 2012 - 22:00

Grande Auditório

Admission 15 €

“El año en que nací” surges from the same concept of the work “Mi vida después”. Young people born during the dictatorship's reconstruct the youth of their parents, from photos, letters, records, clothes, stories and memories erased.

«How was my country when I was born? How were my parents at that time? How many versions exist about what happened when I was young, because I do not remember?» are their questions. “Mi vida después” was released in Argentina, in 2009, and presented in Santiago a Mil, in 2011. In parallel to the presentations, a workshop was held with the same concept of the work: to present an album of fascinating biographies, in order to understand the recent history of Chile. For the edition of Santiago a Mil 2012, the group of young Chileans who made this workshop, led by Lola Arias, reconstructed the history of the generations born during the Pinochet dictatorship, from their own memories and documents.

LOLA ARIAS (Argentina, 1976) is a writer, theater director, actress and singer in Argentina. Her later works were carried out in Germany (“Familienbande”, 2009 and “That Enemy Within”, 2010). Along with Ulises Conti, Lola Arias composes and plays music live. She has recorded two albums (“El amor es un francotirador”, 2008 and “Los que no duermen”, 2011). Lola Arias has also published “Los posnucleares” (reports, Emecé), the theatrical trilogy “Striptease” / “Sueño con revólver” / “El amor es un francotirador” (Entropia), “Poses para dormir” (drama, Entropia), “Mi nombre cuando yo ya no exista” (theater, Cierto Pez), “La escuálida familia” (theater, Libros del Rojas) e “Las impúdicas en el paraíso” (poetry, Tsé-Tsé). Her work has been presented at various international festivals such as Avignon, In Transit Festival of Berlin, Theater Spektakel Zurich and Spielart Munich.