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Mito Algarvio Ensemble / Direction: João Frade


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21 Jun 2015 - 20:00

Open Air Auditorium

Free admission

Cyneticum, a concert with acordeons

Situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, Algarve is a region rich in accordion players, its traditional music deeply associated with the sound of this reed instrument. The programme for this concert at Next Future was created through a process of deconstructing, rebuilding, destroying and reconstructing various melodies, harmonies and rhythms to arrive at a perfect musical synthesis, the fruit of both a collective collaboration and individual contributions from the musical worlds of each player.


Cyneticum – Mito Algarvio Ensemble

 "Cyneticum" evokes a period of Antiquity when Algarve was under Roman rule, the ethnolinguistic traces of which have had an effect on the way melodies are combined. The revival of other themes from the Mediterranean, Middle East and South America is also an important part of the concert, which is divided into two parts. In the first part, the musicians will perform individually in different locations in the Gulbenkian park, presenting "personal" repertoires. In the second half, they will perform together in the Open Air Auditorium.