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Aquarium Materialis

Victor Gama and Pedro Carneiro

Angola / Portugal

Single ticket for the two parts

19 Jun 2011 - 19:00 – 22:00

Gulbenkian Garden

Admission 12 €

Victor Gama has constructed his work around the various rituals existing between technology and Nature. One doesn’t need to know his biography in any great depth to realise that his roots are in the Black Continent. Victor Gama uses his music and his magnificent instruments – created by himself and gloriously surviving as unique works of art – as creative vehicles for conveying that world, giving rise to a form of music that, although quite singular in nature, is nonetheless also universal.

The fantastic instruments that Pedro Carneiro and Victor Gama will be playing in the Gulbenkian gardens are pieces that are anchored to the ground, fly over the space and use the reflecting surface of the lake as an interlocutor. These will provide the perfect mediation between the instrumentalists and the fauna and flora. Separated into two parts, the musical piece is divided into opposites, once again reflecting the dichotomy of nature: one part in the daytime, full of life, colours and light, and vibrating intensely; and another nocturnal part, in which mystery forces us to lose our fantasies, allowing the imagination and the words to take over perception.