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World Literature: Observing in Portuguese

Helena Buescu

1 Jul 2010 - 18:30

Auditorium 2

Free admission

The crossroads in the current debate on world literature and the transversal dimension of the Portuguese-speaking world. The comparatist enrooting of world literature and the integration of the observation point in Portuguese, in a paradigm, that is not limited to it. Some symbolic and political implications.

HELENA BUESCO is Professor of the Languages Faculty at Lisbon University where she founded and directs the Centre for Comparatist Studies. She has lectured and researched, in her capacity as guest, at numerous foreign universities (European, North American and Brazilian). She has many books published in Portugal and abroad, as author and co-author, her latest are “Emendar a Morte. Pactos em Literatura” (2008) and “Literatura e Direito. Mundos em Diálogo” (coordination). She is member of the Academia Europaea.