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LECTURES with Walter Mignolo


30 May 2015

Auditorium 3

Free admission

The mutations of coloniality and the current world (dis) order

What I will do is to briefly trace the history of coloniality of power since the sixteenth century, its historical configuration, transformation and management. I will then argue that since around 2000 (and one could argue a couple of previous decades), something began to change drastically. Let's call it "the big mutation"  to distinguish it  from Karl Polanyi's "great transformation"). The big mutation began to happen when Western Civilization, which built itself on two pillars, modernity/coloniality, cannot longer control the monster it created in the process of creating itself as Western Civilization: the colonial matrix of power (or coloniality of power for short). Many events today from financial crisis to the crisis of European Union, US' s lost hegemony attained after WWI, the crisis in the Middle East and the civil war in Ukraine, the growing force of Cartels in South America, etc., could be understood from the history of coloniality of power. Next step is to think about the consequences of this big mutation and to speculate what futures venues are being closed on the one hand and opening on the other.


Walter Mignolo

Walter Mignolo © Rolando Vazquez

WALTER D. MIGNOLO (Argentina) A teacher of Literature and Romance Studies (Spanish) at Duke University, he is also a teacher of Cultural Anthropology and Director of the Center for Global Studies and the Humanities, among other important posts. His most recent book is an anthology coordinated by Francisco Carballo and Luis Alfonso Herrera Robles, “Habitar las fronters, sentir y pensar la descolonialidad”, which was recently published by CIDOB in Barcelona. Many of his publications have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Korean, Chinese, Romanian, Swedish, French and Indonesian.