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Latin America: Facing a Redefinition of the Region?

José Del Pozo

25 Jun 2010 - 18:30

Auditorium 2

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Since the 1980s, Latin America has entered into a new stage of its history. The return to democracy has been a crucial aspect but there have also been other things that have started to give the region a new look: the increasing emigration flow to Europe and North America, the emergence of different means of economic integration, the appearance of regimes that seem to constitute a “new left” and the intense diplomatic activity aimed at giving this region a more autonomous voice in relation to the globalised world.

JOSÉ DEL POZO was born in 1943, in Chile and has been living in Canada since 1974. A graduate in Latin American history, he is particularly interested in Chile, his country of birth. Since 1982, he has been Professor of the History Department at Quebec University in Montreal (UQMA). His research is mainly focused on the 20th century, covering varied themes such as political history (the anonymous left wing militants, for example) as well as social and economic history. Lately he has dedicated his studies to the exile and immigration of Chileans in Quebec. He has also written summary works on the 20th century history of Latin American and Chile.